Aquaponics update 28/12/2012

My plans for an Aquaponics system in my back yard are now well and truly underway. Just before Christmas I received a building permit to erect a 6 meter by 7 meter carport which I will turn into a greenhouse. The carport and Aquaponics kit have also been ordered and should both be in place by March 2013.

The Aquaponics kit is a “Homestead kit” with 6 grow beds which I am purchasing from Murray Hallam’s Practical Aquaponics based in Queensland.

Homestead kit

Homestead kit with 4 grow beds

The diagram below shows how my system will be set up.

Aquaponics 6 beds

Below is a photo of the ground that I have had levelled at the back of the house in readiness for the greenhouse/carport.

Carport area
More to follow as things develop.

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3 Responses to Aquaponics update 28/12/2012

  1. Michael Martin says:

    Hi Paul,

    This project sounds very exciting. We had vaguely looked into this many years ago but all seemed too expensive. So I am very interested in your progress with this exciting project. Hope the preparation for the cycling trip is building up and wish you well with everything in the coming year.

    Kind regards and best wishes

    Jane Martin

    • Thanks Jane for your comments. Always good to hear from you.
      It should be possible to set up a system relatively cheaply using recycled material but I have gone for the Rolls Royce option so as to be able to learn the trade, so to speak, before being able to advise and help in setting up such a system.
      When it’s all up and running please come over to see it in operation. I am very excited about it all.
      The training for the big ride is going well with all the major preparation completed. I’m looking forward to that too.

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