Preserving Food by Dehydration (Update)

These are the first fruits from my dehydrator.

Dehydrated apples and bananas

I purchased some cheap very ripe bananas with spots just appearing on the skins. Peeled and cut them down the middle, then dehydrated them at 57 degrees C (135 degrees F) for 8 hours.

I am lucky to have a local supplier of apples that have not been waxed and are very fresh so I purchased a bag of Fuji. Using my nifty mechanical peeler, corer and slicer I cut up several apples and dehydrated them at 57 degrees C (135 degrees F) for 9 hours.

The results are fantastic. Sweet and flavoursome. Now to experiment with other fruits and vegetables.

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3 Responses to Preserving Food by Dehydration (Update)

  1. sarasinart says:

    Looks like you’re off to a good start! I hope they’re tasty.

    • Very tasty, and now I’ve tried tomato and nectarine and they are just as good. Seems to enhance the flavour as well as preserve them. Very pleased with my purchase.

      • sarasinart says:

        And you’re just getting started! I really like the way tomatoes turn out. They keep more of their texture than if they’re canned or frozen. Still altered for sure, but better. And taste good in recipes. Keep us posted.

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