The Case for Juicing

I have been following a mainly Whole-Food, Plant Based diet for just on 10 years now having previously only eaten “Lean” meats (Fish and Chicken) with an increased fruit and veggie component since my late 20’s.

There is no doubt that I have derived great health benefits from both diets, though even more from my last 10 years, but in recent months after much reading and listening to those who know, I have come to realise the need to increase my raw food input.

This was very much reinforced by the viewing of “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”. Boy, what an inspiration to see lives physically, Fat sick and nearly deademotionally and spiritually changed for the better, and in relative quick time. The message that comes across loud and clear is that no matter how well, unwell, physically shaped or otherwise, there is a need to increase our micronutrient intake especially from raw vegetables, and green leaved vegetables in particular, to provide the building blocks that the body requires to maintain itself.

One way of doing this very quickly is to juice on a daily basis. Some, due to major health problems, overweight issues or niggling health conditions, require a complete juice fast which gives a quick clear out and kick starts the healing process big time. Others need to just add a few glasses of juice daily as a supplement to their otherwise healthy diet.

I urge you to take this very seriously and to join with me, and an increasingly large number of people worldwide, to add juicing to your daily food intake.

The DVD “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” is a must see. See also this YouTube presentation by Joe Cross


I have also just purchased a fantastic Kindle eBook called, “Juicing Recipes for Vitality and Health” written by Drew Canole, which gives a good introduction as to why we need to juice as well as huge numbers of juice recipes. Below is an extract from his book.

Juicing Recipes

“My sincerest hope is that this book changes your life. No matter what your overall health goal is, juicing has the potential to reshape not only your physical landscape but also your internal workings as well. Ever hear of the expression, “Green on the inside, clean on the inside?”

Simply drinking just a few glasses a day will supply the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Some major benefits are:

They are easy to make, and take just minutes to prepare.
They are made in your own kitchen, so you know exactly what’s in them.
They supply you with massive amounts of nutrients that your body needs.
You will feel the power of raw energy once the juice hits your blood stream.
Juices leave you energized all day.”

“As we all know, we are what we eat. The body needs live food to build live cells. When I say “live foods,” I’m talking about foods that come directly out of the soil and are still alive. Raw foods— not cooked or processed— like beans, nuts, legumes, fruits, and my favourite . . . VEGETABLES!

When we eat live foods, our bodies consume the liquid immediately and then pass on to the lower digestive tract all of the excess. Imagine an IV of super, powerful, energy-rich foods pumped immediately into the organ of your choice, supplying all the quintessential nutrients you need for the day. The juicer does all of the work for you, so that when you drink that glass of fresh “heaven in your mouth” (that’s what I call it), you feel it instantly!

The juice from the juicer is much better for you than any juice you can buy from the store, or even at the local farmer’s market. When juice sits on a counter or in the fridge, it oxidizes and loses the lion’s share of nutrients. Plus, juice from a juicer is not pasteurized, meaning it isn’t cooked or boiled to help it stay on the shelf longer. The fresh juice is literally bursting with live energy ready to heal, pump, and energize you all day.

Many of my friends first asked me, “Why a juicer? Can’t I do the same thing with a blender?” The answer, simply, is, “No.” Using a blender puts pulp into your juice, which is the same thing as eating the whole thing. Your body still has to expend energy to break it down. While your body does need fibre— and I do advocate eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables— the juicer provides you with a cup of pure, unadulterated vitamins and minerals.

FACT: One cup of raw carrot juice contains the same amount of nutrients as four cups of diced carrots. Carrot juice tastes like a sweet dessert— without the guilt— and leaves you with energy instead of crashing from a sugar rush.

Ninety-five percent of the nourishment from fruit and vegetable juice is immediately released into the blood stream because there is nothing interfering with the processing once it hits your stomach. Before I started juicing, I would consume enough vitamins and supplements to open a pharmacy. After juicing for a while, I could tell that the vitamins would have to go because I was already supplying my body with all it needed through the juice alone! So, when you consider the costly vitamins that also take up valuable space in your cabinets, it’s a no-brainer: move the veggies in and kick out the supplements.”

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8 Responses to The Case for Juicing

  1. Storm says:

    I started juicing on February 20th. Well, not a complete juice fast, I still eat some raw veggies and beans, but I juice one or two meals a day. I have already seen a huge difference, not just in weight loss but in my hair, skin, and nails. I love juice. I am drinking a carrot, apple, ginger one right now.

    • That is brilliant Storm. Thanks for your feedback. What a difference in such a short time, you’ll be leaping tall buildings in a single bound this time next year.
      I do a lot of pushbike riding and I would like to think that I’ll notice the difference in my energy and endurance levels.

  2. Julie says:

    Hi Paul, that was a very informative article. Gives me a lot to think about. I just bought a great blender, so the thought of another appliance is a bummer…my kitchen is pretty full and that means more $. Are they any small, cheaper ones that work well? I’d love to start my day with a glass of juice. Also, what is a push bike? Just curious!

    • G’day Julie,
      A push bike is just an Aussie term for a bicycle.
      As far as juicers are concerned, you can get cheap centrifugal ones that will do you just fine. In the DVD “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” he uses a Breville which you can get for well under $100.
      I’m convinced that none of us get enough micronutrients from fresh fruit and Veggies and juicing is just a very quick and easy way to do it. I really do recommend you see the DVD as I’m sure you will be just as inspired and motivated to juice once you’ve seen it.
      I started introducing juicing (mainly veggies – Kale, spinach, cucumber, carrots, beetroot etc.) to my intake just a couple of days ago and have already noticed the difference. After my long training ride tomorrow I’m going to do a 5 day juice fast. As I’ve got a few big rides in the next month I can’t do a longer fast but will do so after my 2100k ride is completed late May.
      Please let me know what you think after you’ve seen the movie won’t you?

  3. Sophie33 says:

    I love juicing too. I also ove to combine green veggieds with fruit! Power! Energy!

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