Veggie Power

Sorry for the lack of postings recently but I’ve just returned from a 2100km, 19 day cycle ride from Maryborough, Victoria to Maryborough, Queensland. The photo below shows me standing next to the Mayor of Maryborough, Queensland, Cr. Gerard O’Connell with the whole team, the day after reaching our destination. Maryborough The distance covered included traversing 3 mountain ranges, several days of strong head winds and two days of rain. I, with one other rider (Fiona), both 65 years young, completed the whole distance on a vegetable diet with no animal protein. A testimony to the fact that you do not have to consume huge quantities of meat and animal protein to take part in strenuous physical activities. We both finished as fresh as a daisy and stronger than when we started. Paul

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12 Responses to Veggie Power

  1. sarasinart says:

    Wonderful, Paul! You did it and did it well! Congratulations for your success and also raising funds for a great cause.

    • Thanks Nancy. I loved every second and towards the end, when not staying back to help the others, I was absolutely flying.
      The support along the way was amazing with many people telling of how Alzheimer’s had affected them in one way or another.

  2. Julie says:

    Congratulations! The scenery looks beautiful and I’m sure you did feel great with your “fuel”. I’m working my way through the book “Whole” we had talked about–let me know what you think when you finish.

    • G’day Julie. Yes the scenery was fantastic. This is my fourth ride over 2000kms and all done on a Whole Foods, Plant-Based diet. My longest was four years ago when I rode from Bendigo (Victoria) to Perth (WA), 3500km in 20 days, averaging 175kms per day. Now if anything was going to test out the diet then that was it. So I can certainly confirm, in my own body, the teachings of the likes of Brendan Brazier, Colin T Campbell and Dr Joel Fuhrman, just to name a few.
      If you are at all interested, then perhaps you could wade your way through a blog that I wrote at the end of each day of the ride. Maybe just skip through and look at the many photos that I published.
      I am also reading “Whole” and loving it. What a wonderful man Colin Campbell is.

  3. Thomas says:

    Well done that is an epic achievement !!!!

  4. Sophie33 says:

    Waw, my dear friend: congratulations! You & the other cyclists have done an amazing job!!! That’s roughly 110 km/day!!! Waw!!! That’s a great achievement! xxx You look good too!

    • Thanks Sophie. Now planning my next ride from Melbourne to Darwin that will be far longer (closer to 4,000km) averaging about 170km per day. It is important for me to get the message out that a Whole Food, Plant Based diet is the optimal diet, whilst raising more money for Alzheimer’s research.
      Now if I could only get the research guys to look at the effects of diet on the development of Alzheimer’s. Alas, I’m afraid, there is no money in getting people to eat better. They just want to find a pill to do it for them. A fools errand. When will they ever learn?
      I’m just in the process of reading “Whole”, Colin T Campbell’s new book, after his best selling “The China Study”. It tells the full story and is essential reading. I really recommend it to anyone who is interested in optimal health.

  5. uberdish says:

    Congratulations Paul!! (Sorry my congrats is late) What an achievement! By now, you have probably finished “Whole”. It’s sitting on my coffee table right now with Rip Esselstyn’s “My Beef With Meat”. I read a little here and there (of both books) when I am finally granted a moment of peace. You see, the kids are off school until the beginning of September and our house is crazy busy! (We seem to have a revolving front door!). Also, I have a need to take advantage of the warm weather while we’ve got it. Take care. 🙂

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