Vitamin B12

Methylcobalamin 2

Are you getting enough B12, and is it the right type? These are very important questions, especially for those on a Vegan diet as the consequences of B12 deficiency can be very serious.

Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient that is required in the human body to sustain normal functioning and the only way we can get it is through our diet as the body cannot synthesise it on its own.

The only valid source of Vitamin B12 is from meat and animal products. Therefore Vegans in particular do need to supplement with B12 or eventual suffer the consequences of B12 deficiency.

The vast majority of Vitamin B12 supplements are made from Cyanocobalamin which is chemically synthesised and does not occur in nature. Cyanocobalamin must be processed by the body (Methylated) before it can be used and this leaves a small toxic residue of Cyanide that the body must eventually get rid of.

Most experts now agree that it is Methylcobalamin that is the more ideal B12 as this can be immediately used by the body and does not leave any toxic residue.

So make sure you read the labels very carefully before buying Vitamin B12 supplements as your long term health may well depend upon it.

The following are great YouTube videos that you should watch as they describe in far greater detail the Vitamin B12 story.

Make sure you watch both part 1 and Part 2 of the above link.

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7 Responses to Vitamin B12

  1. russell wilson. says:

    meat,dirt and poo all harbour bacteria…b12 is a bacteria…dirt meat and poo harbor moor bad bacteria than i want in my body be they dead or alive,its said they get through our digestive system some times alive inside the trojan horse “saturated fat” and into our blood stream were the emune system goes to work on them…..and this causes the inflamation/damage to our arteries…well thats one therie on inflamation any way im with you on methylcobalimin supliment that are not taken from animal bits and pices paul….its woth noteing that at the start of the video he says b12 deficincy is a epidemic with 90%(other videos say 45%) of the worlds population deficient.this is worth noteing becaus vegans and vegatarians dont make up 45 to 90% of the world population so this is a meat eaters problem moor than a vegan or vegatarian problem if we look at the numbers…….in actual fact though its our sterile way of living and posibly cyonicobatimin and what is in prosessed meat that looks to me as the colprits.but who knows?

  2. uberdish says:

    A great post, as many individuals are unaware of the difference between methylated B12 and the other. I have found that most people will take any generic supplement without doing the research first and this can do more harm than good. Not all are created equal. However, I do think it’s important to note that prior to taking any supplement one should have their blood levels tested first. A B12 deficiency is common, but not only among vegans and vegetarians. Okay, I may be bragging a bit here, but my B12 levels are presently good and I’ve been a vegetarian my whole life and vegan in the past year and a half. I believe that my levels are good because I rarely eat processed foods (perhaps many vegans are deficient because they are eating “junky” vegan food?), try to eat only organic and I continuously watch the function of my digestive system. The big key – a good working digestive system and a whole foods diet. This can be tricky in today’s day and age, though. So, monitoring one’s B12, as well as iron levels is a good idea and when low take the B12 in methylated form. Paul, I’m suspecting your levels are good too with all your beautiful vegetables grown from your aquaponics system.

    • Thanks Angela for such a great and insightful comment. Interestingly on the first YouTube video he mentions that a blood test for B12 can often give both false negatives and positives and that a urine test gives better results.
      I had my levels tested a couple of years ago, admittedly with a blood test, and they were good then but I’ve suspected that they maybe a little low in recent times so have started taking a B12 supplement (Methylcobalamin) which is taken by spraying under the tongue.
      I am going to ask my Doctor for a urine test to see what my levels are now.
      What does Dr Campbell say on the subject?

      • uberdish says:

        So, I went back to my notes…(this is good, as I need a little review!). Dr. Matt Lederman gave the lecture on “The Role of Supplements”. It was he who recommended that individuals check levels in blood prior to supplementation, as supplements are medications. However, a B12 deficiency is extremely common (even among meat eaters!) and can lead to a slew of ailments. Lederman did say that one can have a B12 deficiency even when blood levels are “normal”. Lederman suggests we do a subsequent test and check methylmalonic acid (MMA) levels. If MMA levels are elevated, then B12 deficiency is likely, as MMA can only be metabolized by sufficient B12 levels. Thankfully, I feel “fine”, but will get my MMA levels checked at my next appointment (will have to fight with the doctor, I am sure, on this one if my levels are “normal”!). Digestive issues can be a symptom, among others, of a B12 deficiency. Lederman definitely recommends B12 in a methylcobalamin form and comments that if supplementation is required (more than likely), then one should take the lowest amount required (amount calculated from MMA test).

      • Great information Angela. Thanks. It seems we are all on the same page as far as not taking the Cyanocobalamin.

  3. uberdish says:

    Dr. Campbell, Dr. Lederman, and Rip Esselstyn (My Beef With Meat) – just to name a few – believe that B12 comes from bacteria and not meat. So, even meat eaters should have their levels checked. 😉

    • Yes Angela, I think it is in one if not both of the Youtube videos I posted that they state that vitamin B12 is only produced in soil bacteria and that the animals get it when they graze. Of course that means that if they are never allowed to graze, as in intensive inhumane farming, then their meat is going to be low in B12 and so even meat eaters will suffer from low B12 levels.

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