Peddling Health

I will be starting my next big bike ride on April 6th April 2014 to demonstrate the health benefits of a Whole-Food, Plant Based diet as well as raising awareness and money for Motor Neurone Disease and action against unsustainable Palm Oil production responsible for the destruction of huge areas of tropical rainforests and the Orang-utans that live within it.


I will be riding from Melbourne to Darwin, some 4,000km in 25 days, averaging 160km per day.

Could I ask you to visit my web site and to share it with all of your friends.

And please follow me on the journey as I ride through some of Australia’s wildest and remotest countryside. There will be a daily update on the ride with photographs, videos and stories as they occur.


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5 Responses to Peddling Health

  1. sarasinart says:

    Paul I clicked the link for your website and it told me page not found…….maybe it’s not up yet? Maybe a temporary fluke.

    I’ll be following along with your journey. Good luck and be well!

    • Thanks for the feedback Nancy. The site is up and running but I’m afraid I didn’t give the link its full title. I’ve corrected it so you should now be able to go straight to the site.

      • sarasinart says:

        Good, now people can go check it out and follow your wonderful adventure!

      • Thanks again Nancy. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the daily updates when I start the ride. We will try to make it as interesting as possible and show you some of the sights across Australia, from the temperate region (Victoria), through the desert (the red centre, Alice Springs and Uluru), up through the sub tropical and eventually the tropical region in and around Darwin. I have a friend who I met whilst doing a permaculture course just over a year ago who works with indigenous children on one of the islands north of Darwin. I have planned to meet up with her and so will be posting reports about the truly inspiring work she is doing with the kids. So stay tuned. 🙂

      • sarasinart says:

        I definitely will Paul. I’ll be looking forward to all of it. Best wishes for your trip!

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