4,000km bike ride across Australia update


This post is for all those who followed me on my bike ride from Melbourne to Darwin in
April of this year, or those interested in knowing how I got on.


My aim was to show the health benefits of a Whole-Food, Plant based diet as well as raising money for the Orangutan Project and Motor Neurone Disease.


With the aid of Michele and a hired motor home I managed to cover the distance in 25 days (no rest days) averaging 160km per day, whilst eating my normal diet of fruit, nuts and vegetables and in the process raised approximately $6,000  (and still counting) for the above charities.


I had to endure saddle soreness for the firstDSC_0090
5 days, 2 days of torrential rain, increasingly hot and humid conditions as I got further north and of course the huge Road Trains (trucks pulling 3 semi trailer loads, some as long as 60 meters in length), caravans, motor homes and cars travelling at speeds up to 160kph on roads with no hard shoulder.

DSC_0013As my average speed was approximately 27 kph, on some days where I covered over 200km I was in the saddle for over 11 hours (including short breaks for food and drink).

I can honestly say that my diet sustained me wonderfully (remember, no meat or dairy) and as each day passed I got stronger and stronger, finishing the ride 3kilos lighter but much fitter than when I started.

DSC_0109These photographs are just a small representation of some of the sights along the way.





A wonderful experience.





A big thank you to all those who followed me on www.peddlinghealth.com.DSC_0050 (2)

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6 Responses to 4,000km bike ride across Australia update

  1. uberdish says:

    Congratulations on such an outstanding feat! Your pictures are beautiful.

  2. sarasinart says:

    Wonderful pictures Paul and congratulations on successfully accomplishing such a trip! It’s an amazing story.

  3. Sophie33 says:

    Again a big Congrats to you & your very big achievement!!!!! Waw again! Xxx ☺️

    • So great to hear from you again Sophie. Thanks for your comments. The ride was just wonderful. I’ve now ridden across Australia 5 times now and each time I do it I notice the difference in traffic. It really is getting very dangerous as the roads are not getting any wider and there are no side roads you can take so all traffic goes the same way. I feel that perhaps I’ve used up all of my nine lives and so will have to consider very carefully where I ride the next time.
      Hope all is well with you. 🙂

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