Honey from my Flowhive

No more disturbing the bees when extracting honey.


Just a note. I keep the bees largely because I enjoy them being around. The honey is an extra and I just take the very minimum when I feel the bees can afford it.

Honey should be used sparingly as it is still very high in glucose and gives the same sugar/insulin spike when consumed as does white sugar.

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3 Responses to Honey from my Flowhive

  1. sarasinart says:

    So Paul. after so long, where did you go?

    • I’m still around and in very good health Nancy. I have been so busy with work and doing presentations about eating for health that I have sadly neglected my blog. I should have a little more time now as I am cutting back my work days and have no presentations planned for a couple of months. I need to desperately revamp the whole blog as I have learnt so much more and some of my comments are a bit dated now. Thanks for waking me up 🙂
      How are things with you?

      • sarasinart says:

        I’m good. Getting old but doing ok as I go. I thought of you as I was looking thru my blog management list and wondered if you were still doing well. It’s good that you are! Maybe you’ll post about how your growing of things is going. It’s good to hear from you; thanks for getting back to me. 😊

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