Aquaponics – First fish introduced

After a week of cycling the system, planting a few veggies and tuning the timing of flood and drain to each of the grow beds I am just about to introduce 35 colourless goldfish.


As we are in the midst of winter at the moment with the water temperature getting down to 8 degrees C over night, I thought it best to use a very hardy fish to get the whole system going. In December I will introduce a combination of Silver Perch and native Catfish. Apparently they both do very well in a both cold and warmer water once they reach a decent size, so they should over winter well next year.


I’ve had the bags floating in my fingerling tank with an aerator inserted for about an hour, to equalize the water temperature. Now to add some water from the fish tank into each bag and then release them in about half an hour. So far so good.

Keep tuned for further updates.


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