Aquaponics in my own backyard is finally fully up and running

GH1Finally after much planning, building, learning and patiently waiting, my Aquaponics system is fully functional and producing wonderful organic veggies for the table.

Self OpeningYesterday the final piece of cladding went on followed by the self opening windows that should hopefully regulate the internal temperature of the greenhouse.

Now, even though I live in the south of Australia, which is much colder than the subtropical and tropical areas, I should be able to grow the exotic fruits that I crave i.e. Mangoes, Paw Paw, Avocado. As well as extending the growing season for a huge variety of veggies. Hopefully, no more glut and famine that is the norm for home veggie gardening.

Fully CladThe system has now stabilised after 10 weeks, with the naturally occurring good bacteria having built up sufficiently in the grow beds to change all of the fish waste (mainly Ammonia) to Nitrites and the Nitrites to Nitrates that the feed the plants.

With the full cladding now on the greenhouse, the water temperature has risen significantly from a range of 4 to 8 degrees to that of 14 to 18 degrees and rising. This is far more conducive for fish health and growth as well as better veggie health and growth.

Mango Tree7 days ago I planted a Mango tree, and yesterday I ordered a dwarf Avocado  and dwarf Paw Paw.

As the fish grow in size and produce more waste, I will be able to plant more veggies and see them grow at a very rapid rate.

The aim is to lead a far more sustainable and healthier life by producing sufficient quantities of truly organic fruit and veggies all year round. Stay tuned to follow my success or otherwise.


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