Aquaponics Kit – (The Eagle Has Landed)

Well after much planning and deliberation my Aquaponics kit has finally arrived from Queensland. Below is a series of photographs showing the size and weight of the beast. I am so excited to see it all starting to take shape, though to be fair it is still very much in its embryonic state as I now need the carport to be installed at the back so that I can house it. That should be going up next week, fingers crossed.
Stay tuned for further updates.
See also Aquaponics – An Aid to Sustainable Living and Aquaponics update 28/12/2012 in this blog
Aquaponics Kit 1Aquaponics Kit 2

Aquaponics Kit 3Aquaponics Kit 4

Aquaponics Kit 5Aquaponics Kit 6

Aquaponics Kit 7Aquaponics Kit 8

Aquaponics Kit 9Aquaponics Kit 9a


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