Aquaponics – Now the big experiment begins

Now that I have my 6 meter by 7 meter greenhouse completed and the Aquaponics system maturing nicely, I planted three sub tropical to tropical trees today.

A red Papaya
Red Papaya

A Rincon Avocado

Along side my Mango Tree

Mango Tree

Bendigo, where I live, has a relatively low rainfall, cold winters and hot summers, which is very much less than ideal for these types of trees.

I am hoping that the greenhouse will give more optimal growing conditions along with the rich nitrated and aerated water fed to the roots every 25 minutes.

The strawberries along with all of the green leaved veggies are growing like topsy.


The photographs below show just how much growth is occurring on a weekly basis. The one on the left was taken 7 days after the one on the right.

Fully Clad  Growth

I am now harvesting my Kale on a daily basis for a refreshing and highly nutritious green juice.

Green Juice

Bunch of Kale
4 large carrots
1 Green capsicum
1 Lebanese cucumber
1 Green Apple
2 limes or 1 Lemon (including skin)
Thumb nail sized piece of Ginger

Stay tuned for further updates.


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