Aquaponics update 28/12/2012

My plans for an Aquaponics system in my back yard are now well and truly underway. Just before Christmas I received a building permit to erect a 6 meter by 7 meter carport which I will turn into a greenhouse. The carport and Aquaponics kit have also been ordered and should both be in place by March 2013.

The Aquaponics kit is a “Homestead kit” with 6 grow beds which I am purchasing from Murray Hallam’s Practical Aquaponics based in Queensland.

Homestead kit

Homestead kit with 4 grow beds

The diagram below shows how my system will be set up.

Aquaponics 6 beds

Below is a photo of the ground that I have had levelled at the back of the house in readiness for the greenhouse/carport.

Carport area
More to follow as things develop.

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1 Response to Aquaponics update 28/12/2012

  1. sarasinart says:

    How neat! Good luck, tho it sounds like you have it so well thought out that luck won’t be needed.

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