Awesome Vegan Coleslaw

I found this wonderful tasty Vegan Coleslaw on The Raw Sisters Blog.


After harvesting three of my first cabbages grown in my Aquaponics system, I wanted something special to make out of them. The first I started a new batch of Sauerkraut with, the second I gave away to friends and half of the third went into making this dish.

So glad I found it. Highly nutritious and very moreish. Thanks Raw Sisters.



Cashew sauceSauce
1/4 cup cashew
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
1/2 lemon (juice)
1 cup water
Pinch of Sea salt

1 small cabbage head
1 red onion
2-3 carrots
2 tbsp cranberries
black pepper

Place all Cashew Sauce ingredients into Thermomix or High powered blender or food processor
Blend until smooth
Cut up Cabbage and onions
Grate the carrots
Place Cabbage, onion, carrots and cranberries in a large salad bowl and mix
Add Cashew sauce and mix until the sauce is evenly distributed throughout
Then thoroughly enjoy

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