Eating for Health

“Since early childhood we have been bombarded with incorrect nutritional dietary advice, and unfortunately the scandal continues today. Even after decades of scientific research refuting its recommendations, the latest USDA recommendations – the Food Guide Pyramid … Still reinforces the dietary errors that people have become accustomed to making.
The food pyramid includes a level of animal food consumption (four to six servings daily) that causes the diseases that kill us: heart attacks and cancer. It suggests we should consume a huge quantity of low-nutrient-content foods such as refined cereals, white bread, and pasta.
Foods are grouped in ways that don’t make sense anymore. Meat, beans, and nuts are all in the same food group because they are considered protein-rich foods. However, while nuts and beans have been shown to reduce cholesterol levels and heart-disease risk, meat is linked to increased risk. The pyramid offers little help for those really wanting to reduce their health risks.
In light of all scientific data available, the USDA’s recommendations are a disgrace. Our government suggests that people consume five measly servings of fruits and vegetables daily (and even apple juice is considered a serving). The data is overwhelming and conclusive; this dietary recommendation does not allow enough vegetation to afford people true protection against the killer diseases now epidemic in modern society.”

“Based on an exhaustive look at research data from around the world over the past fifteen years, my recommendation is that your diet should contain over 90 percent of calories from unrefined plant based foods. This high percentage of nutrient-dense plant foods in the diet allows us to predict freedom from cancer, heart attacks, diabetes, and excess body weight. Fruits, vegetables, and beans must be the base of your food pyramid; otherwise, you will be in a heap of trouble down the road.
The diseases that afflict, and eventually kill, almost all Americans can be avoided. You can live a high-quality, disease-free life and remain physically active and healthy. You can die peacefully and uneventfully at an old age, as nature intended.
To achieve the results in preventing and reversing disease, and attaining permanent healthy body weight, we must be concerned with the nutritional quality of our diet.
The picture is becoming crystal clear – the key to what will make you thin will also make you healthy. Once you learn to “eat to live,” thinness and health will walk hand in hand, happily ever after.”

Dr Joel FuhrmanEat to Live p66/67


4 Responses to Eating for Health

  1. Grădina Mică says:

    USDA suggests eating high amounts of whole grains, not refined ones.

  2. Grădina Mică says:

    Grădina Mică
    You are right, it is time we worried about the source of nutrients, not place meat at the same level with vegan protein based foods.Sometimes those of us who want to live a healthy life make this type of mistakes because whe don’t have the right information.

    • Grădina Mică
      I’m afraid we are constantly bombarded by misinformation from large vested interests who are only interested in their own profits and not our long term health. Professor Campbell covers this in detail in his “The China Study”.

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