Energy Cacao Nut Balls

This is my variant of the Raw Cacao Treat Ball recipe published on this site 4 weeks ago.
The addition of the Hemp seed and linseed add protein and Omega 3 so they are packed full of energy and goodness and ideal for people who lead a very energetic lifestyle.
In my opinion the lemon adds a taste of decadence though if it is not to your liking then just leave it out.
If you have a sweet tooth and you never try any other recipe from this blog then this is the one not to miss. Using either a Thermomix or high powered blender they take only minutes to prepare and taste divine.

¼ cup Linseeds (Flax seeds). You can use Flaxseed powder instead
¼ cup Hemp seeds. You can use Hemp protein powder instead
½ tsp Lemon rind
1 tbs freshly squeezed lemon juice
220 gm raw, unsalted nuts (My favourite is a mix of 100gm macadamia and 120gm cashews)
30 gm Cacao powder (* See note below)
14 Fresh dates (make sure you pit them before using)
2 tbs Tahini (I use Tahini made from hulled sesame seeds as the taste is milder than unhulled)
Container of Desiccated Coconut

Place Linseed and Hemp seeds into TM bowl
Grind for 15 seconds on speed 9
Add Nuts, Cacao powder and Lemon rind and grind for a further 5 seconds on speed 9
Add dates, Lemon Juice and Tahini and mix for 50 seconds on speed 9
Form into balls and roll in desiccated coconut
Makes approximately 15 balls
If you haven’t got a Thermomix then use a high powered blender instead

* Cacao:
Cacao is cold pressed without solvents so that the nutrients are better preserved than in cocoa. Organic Cacao has over 360% more anti-oxidants than regular cocoa, 21 times more than green tea and 7 times more than dark chocolate. Cacao does not raise blood cholesterol and has no caffeine. These balls are a good way to get some calcium into your diet because both cacao powder and tahini contain calcium in usable forms.


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  1. Hege says:

    These tasted really good 😀

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