Life Giving Green Juice

Now that my Aquaponics system is up and running and producing well, I am able to pick a bunch of Kale every day for my Green Juice top up.
Green Juice

I have found that the Red Russian variety seems to do best in the system, followed closely by the Tuscan Black.

Red Russian Kale

The recipe I follow is as follows;

1 Bunch of Kale
3 large carrots
1 Capsicum
1 Lebanese cucumber
1 Apple (I use granny smith)
1 Lemon or 2 limes (skin and all)
15mm piece of Ginger

Green juices are power-packed with nutrition. Green vegetables are packed full of chlorophyll which oxygenate your body enabling it to release stored toxins by cleansing your digestive system, lungs and liver. Hemoglobin becomes elevated and this improves the blood circulation, giving you a boost of energy.

Magnesium which is essential for efficient calcium utilisation is at the centre of each chlorophyll molecule. When you include green juices in your daily diet, it helps your body absorb calcium far better. All green plants have Vitamins A and C, which are important co-factors for calcium absorption.

Chlorophyll foods also act as a form of ‘stored sunshine’, to regulate calcium and Vitamin D deficiency. So if you get no sunshine, then increase the greens in your diet.


Can’t wait for my strawberries to ripen so that I can add these to my green juice or, better still, eat them whole.


5 Responses to Life Giving Green Juice

  1. Hi Paul, what speed did you use for the Thermomix and for how long? I tried to use kale, carrot, apple and ginger (forgot the lime) but it’s not liquified. Maybe I need more carrot?

    • Unfortunately, Zerin, I didn’t use the Thermomix, I used my juicer.
      If you want to use the Thermomix or a high powered blender then the following quick salads in a glass will do the trick for you. Both taken from Dr Fuhrman’s Eat to Live Cookbook.
      Green Gorilla
      1/2 Avocado
      1 banana
      100gms romaine lettuce
      100gms baby spinach
      Blend Avocado & banana on speed 10 for 10 seconds
      Add lettuce and spinach and blend on speed 10 until creamy

      Super Easy Blended Salad
      200gm baby greens
      1 orange peeled and seeded
      juice of 1/2 lemon
      Blend until smooth and creamy

      • Thanks so much, Paul. I’ll give these a try. I’ve just realised that I didn’t tick the box so that I’d be notified by email when you replied. That explains why I didn’t know that you had responded. I have to say that I thought the Thermomix replaced all other gadgets but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Thanks again.

      • About the only thing you can’t do with it is juice.

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