Make your own nut butters

Making nut butters without oil or with only minimal oil is so so easy.

2 cups of whichever nuts you prefer (roasted nuts add a little more flavour)
1 tsp Olive oil (only if necessary)

Method (Thermomix):
Place nuts in TM bowl
Grind for 5 seconds on speed 5
Scrape down side of bowl
Blend on speed 7 to 9 until the mix becomes liquidized (You may need to scrape down the sides one or two times to ensure the whole mix turns into nut butter)
Add the oil to make a smoother butter if you so desire

Method (conventional):
Use a food processor rather than a blender as there is not as much scraping down required.
If you have a foodprocessor which has just one speed, flip the switch and watch the nuts bang wildly and loudly against the sides of the container. Gradually they will get chopped up finer and finer. If particles build up on the sides of the container, stop and scrape them down with a rubber spatula. Continue processing until it begins to ball up. You may have to break up the ball, but it is most important to be patient. Sometimes the ball will bang around for a while before it begins to break down and look creamy. It takes several minutes.
It is during this time when it is balled up that you add some oil and run the processor some more. If the butter is creamy enough without it, omit the oil.


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