Melbourne to Darwin Bike Ride


Could I just remind everyone that I will be starting out on my Charity bike ride on April 6th. 4,000 km across Australia in (hopefully) 25 days.


Why am I doing this?

Now at the age of 66 with my health totally in tact I feel that perhaps I can now demonstrate the health benefits of a Whole-Food, Plant based diet. As with my previous rides across Australia, I will be eating my normal diet, which of course excludes all meat and all dairy. At 160km per day this will show that it is a total myth that we require huge quantities of meat and dairy for the energy required for this type of mammoth endurance activity.

At the same time I will also be raising awareness and money for the Orangutan Project and Motor Neurone Disease.


You can go to my web site at or my Facebook page for more information.

Could I encourage you to like the Facebook page so that you can follow me on the ride? It will be updated daily with photographs, video and interesting stories as I cross our vast arid continent.

I look forward to having your company along the way and please send messages of encouragement won’t you as these I am sure will help get me through the tough times and long days in the saddle.




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