This is a message from the directors of this must see DVD.
I urge everyone to purchase a copy and then to show it to their friends. Just click on the graphic on the right to go straight to their web site.

“We have spent three years of our lives making this film, and have completely self-funded it ourselves. From April – June 2011, it was released in cinemas in 90 cities across the States and 5 cities across the UK.
The film was thought to be so important, that it was even shown in London’s Parliament by the Shadow Minister for the Environment to galvanise support over changes in food policy.
We know that people like the film when they watch it, and that it’s inspiring people to make positive changes in their lives.
It’s also been critically acclaimed, here’s what the press are saying:

“Should be compulsory viewing” (THE HERALD),
“Utterly compelling” (EMPIRE),
“Punchy and inspirational” (★★★★TOTAL FILM),
“For fans of cookery programmes it is likely to be love at first sight” (★★★★EYE FOR FILM),
“Compelling scientific evidence” (★★★TIME OUT),
“Earth-shattering” (TIMES)”

Or Shlomi and Shelley Lee Davies

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