Raw vs Cooked

“… raw, uncooked vegetables and fruits offer the most powerful protection against disease and I encourage my patients to eat huge salads and at least four fresh fruits per day. Diets with little raw foods are not ideal. As the amount of raw fruits and vegetables are increased in a person’s diet, weight loss and blood pressure are lowered effortlessly.

Additionally, raw foods contain enzymes, some of which can survive the digestive process in the stomach and pass into the small intestines. These heat-sensitive elements may offer significant nutritional advantages to protect against disease, according to investigations from the Department of Biochemistry at Wright State University School of Medicine. These researchers concluded that “most foods undergo a decrease in nutritive value in addition to the well-known loss of vitamins when cooked and/or processed.” Most vitamins are heat-sensitive, for example 20-60 percent of vitamin C is lost, depending on the cooking method. Thirty to forty percent of minerals are lost in cooking vegetables as well. Consuming a significant quantity of raw foods is essential for superior health.

For best results, your diet should contain a huge amount of raw foods, a large amount of the less calorically dense cooked vegetation, and a lesser amount of the more calorically rich cooked starchy vegetables and grains. Cooking your food in oil will make your diet less effective and you will not lose weight easily. You may not even lose any weight at all.”

Eat to Live (p43/44)
Dr Joel Fuhrman


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