Sauerkraut (New Batch Update)

Sauerkraut 1Sauerkraut 2Sauerkraut 3My second batch of Sauerkraut came to a sticky and smelly end I’m afraid but I learnt a lot in the process. Now I realise that after a few days you need to turn it (just once) for the process of osmosis to really kick in, otherwise the top cabbage pieces can go mouldy and spoil the whole batch before they become covered in their own liquid.

I started my third batch on the 22 January and turned it yesterday (26th January) and within a few hours so much water had come out of the cabbage that it completely covered the plate on top and had compressed to half it’s depth. It looks really good and will turn into a brilliant batch, I’m sure.

It seems the finer you cut the cabbage the better for quicker processing. A small amount of sea salt only is required to be sprinkled on each layer of cabbage for it to work its osmosis magic. Once the liquid completely covers the cut cabbage no mould can occur and the pickling process continues until the sauerkraut is completed.

Please give it a go as the taste is sensational.


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