What about the Inuit & Masai diets?

I have managed to find a talk given by Professor Campbell given on the 8th December 2009 (http://www.tcolincampbell.org/fileadmin/webinars/Full/QandA_12_8_09.wmv) which spends some time discussing the following questions;

Wild Meat

What about wild meat in the diet and its health effects? I don’t eat it but lots of Indigenous people do.

Raw & Organic Meat

1. Campbell ignores studies of the Canadian Inuit in the 1930’s which showed that those living on a largely raw, all meat, high fat diet derived from sea mammals, fish, land mammals and birds enjoyed terrific health and incidentally, very low cholesterol levels, free from chronic disease even in old age. He also ignores Dr George Mann of Vanderbuilt who studied the Masai in the 1960’s with their diet of meat, blood, and milk, and reported excellent overall health, near total absence of heart disease and none of the other terrible debilitating diseases Campbell would expect them to have.
2. The highest longevity rates in the world belong to Andorra (between France and Spain) with a diet of meat, garden vegetables, and some fish; San Marino (a microstate completely landlocked by Italy), with a diet similar to Italian cuisine, and Japan (also a balanced diet with lots of fish and some meat and eggs).
3. I would love to see any citations you have that report more reliable research on the Inuit and Masai.

I urge you to listen to at least the first section which covers these questions.



2 Responses to What about the Inuit & Masai diets?

  1. adrian knight says:

    Utter rubbish. Unnuit have renowned health problems and moving from the ‘natural’ diet to the standard American diet (high in animal products, salt, processed crap) actually reduced their risk of ischemic heart disease. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/neal-barnard-md/eskimo-myth_b_5268420.html?guccounter=1

    The Massai average age at death is below 50 (skewed by infant mortality) and they suffer significant athelerosclerosis due to their diet. In fact, their health is due to their activity not due to their diet.

    The longest and healthiest living people on the planet are those that live in the blue zones. Primarily eating plants (>95% of diet). https://www.bluezones.com/recipes/food-guidelines/

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